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Our labelling solutions

Breweries, wineries and distilleries each represent special sectors of the beverage industry, whose products including non-alcoholic beverages place enormous demands concerning labelling.

Here, the Langguth machine portfolio ranges from semi-automatic table-top labellers to fully-automatic linear labellers to classic rotary labellers up to a capacity of 500 CPM and more.

The product range includes all three labelling technologies on the respective machine types – also in combination.

  • Wet glue labellingFrom stand-alone to high-speed requirements: As a whole 4 magazine types are available which can be used for labelling. Cut and stack labels are processed by first separating them, then glueing them and finally applying them to the containers.
  • Hotmelt labellingBeverage products with an output of up to 60,000 bottles/h can be processed on the rotary machines. Langguth uses the specially developed spin-spray process as the initial glue application to pull the paper or film labels out of the magazine. The label is completely wrapped around the pack and sealed at the end with a hotmelt strip at the overlap.
  • Self-adhesive labellingAdhesive or so-called self-adhesive labels are processed as reels in the labelling machines. The separator plate separates the individual label (film or paper) from the carrier web so that it can then be applied to the respective pack. The classic front, back and neck wrap-around labelling can also be carried out on the straight-feed machines, while the rotary labellers are available for other solutions.

Impressions of our solutions
for the beverage industry

References from the industry

Ter DolenBeverage
Brauhof SaarBeverage
Microbrouwerij StaniumBeverage
Böcker ForstmannshofBeverage
August ErnstBeverage
Co-Ro SunquickBeverage
Rügener InselbrauereiBeverage
Van HonsebrouckBeverage
Värmdö BryggerieBeverage

Case studies from the industry

Case Studie
Now flip-top bottles of this brewery are labelled by a moduLAN 809. For ”Uerige“ this machine has been equipped with a wet glue labelling unit containing a so-called glue pallet system.
Read more
wet glue labelling
GLU|ECO® – wetLAN 110 (FVT18)

– up to 400 CPM –
Typelinear labeller
Product details
wet glue labelling
wetLAN 110 (oscillating magazine)

– up to 120 CPM –
Typelinear labeller
Product details
wet glue labelling
wetLAN 120
Typelinear labeller
Product details
wet glue labelling
wetLAN 190
Product details
self-adhesive labelling
selfLAN 505
Typelinear labeller
Product details
self-adhesive labelling
selfLAN 510
Typelinear labeller
Product details
self-adhesive labelling
selfLAN 520
Typelinear labeller
Product details
rotary machines
moduLAN 800
Typerotary machine
Product details

Bottle labeller from Langguth - the ideal solution for cylindrical containers

What are the advantages of a labelling machine for bottles & jars from Langguth?
  • Modular design with standardised interfaces
  • Short set-up times due to tool-free changeover of many format parts
  • Seamless and safe integration into complete packaging lines
  • Cost- and time-saving labelling with the help of our new GLU|ECO® gluing system
  • Use of special labels such as booklet or Braille labels

A Langguth wet glue labeller enables you to professionally label bottles and other cylindrical containers – made of glass as well as plastic. With our labelling machines for bottles, we offer you all-rounders that can be reliably used in many applications in the beverage industry – whether for wine, beer or spirits bottles. Due to the modular design of our bottle labellers, the individual extension with e.g. control components such as a label presence check is possible without any problems. The labelling machines thus grow continuously with your company.

Bottle labeller from long-established manufacturer

Whether in terms of flexibility or cost-effectiveness: A bottle labelling machine from Langguth offers enormous advantages in the labelling of glass containers. Our convenient solutions set new standards in bottle labelling – you too can benefit from many years of industry know-how and professional expertise.

High-performance and precise labelling systems are essential for labelling glass bottles. Whether angular, round or oval: glass in its various shapes is not only used in the beverage and food industry but is also used for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In addition to the precise application of labels, a labelling machine must guarantee a high cycle rate for high-volume consumer products without compromising labelling quality. This is an important criterion to ensure successful and economical production.

Equally relevant in many applications is the precise alignment of the pack, for example to visually match the fit of a wrap-around label to an additional lid or seal label. A labelling machine for bottles from Langguth enables the precise application of labels through the optimal alignment of glass and plastic bottles.

You are looking for a bottle labelling machine for labelling beer, wine, spirits or soft drinks?

Thanks to many years of specialisation with regard to efficient labelling solutions for wineries and breweries, we can offer both fully and semi-automatic labelling solutions in this segment that are customised to your individual requirements.

Labeller for bottle and jars of various sizes

Labelling bottles and jars of various geometries and sizes is a major challenge for many companies. With our labelling machines, various cylindrical products can be reliably labelled.

The advantages are the precise application of the labels and the intuitive operation with good accessibility and short set-up times. With a labeller from Langguth, you are already preparing your company for the challenges of tomorrow. Thanks to the convenient operation and a responsible partner at your side, you can concentrate on the essential challenges such as product development and increase the efficiency of your production at the same time.

Why is the choice of a suitable labelling machine for bottles so important?

In addition to the product features themselves, there are many other components to encourage a purchase decision, such as an eye-catching label on a bottle or jar. As a general rule, the more creative and eye-catching the bottle label, the greater the likelihood of a purchase by people who are not yet familiar with your brand but have simply been attracted by its appearance. To maintain the perfect finish at the point of sale, even at high labelling speeds, the quality of the labeller must be reliable.

Numerous young companies have already recognized this trend for themselves, so that solutions for professional bottle labelling are becoming increasingly relevant.

From small wineries to cooperative wineries and retailers, we already support various companies in the beverage industry along the entire process chain with comprehensive know-how in the customised labelling of bottles.

Labelling machine for wine, beer and spirits

As a German manufacturer of labelling systems, we supply you with semi- and fully-automatic solutions for wineries and breweries that are best suited to your company’s needs and provide high flexibility through reliable labelling of various bottle formats.

Labelling thought holistically

As an extension, we offer you the option of adapting the labelling machine for bottles to your particular application in the best possible way with numerous components for process optimisation.

Semi-automatic labelling machine for bottles

Our semi-automatic labelling machines, such as the wetLAN 190, are perfectly suited for flexible labelling of relatively small batches and are therefore highly valued by wineries, among others. They ensure the precise application of a front and back label or alternatively an all-round label to wine, sparkling wine, and spirits bottles.

Fully automatic labelling machine for bottles

A fully automatic labelling machine for bottles from Langguth, such as the GLU|ECO® or wetLAN 110, fulfills several criteria at once that make it indispensable for use in your application – whether it is the high precision in application, the speed of production with up to 24,000 bottles per hour, the intuitive operability and maintenance, or the high economic efficiency. Automatic cleaning of the parts in contact with glue is also possible.

You want to buy a labeller for bottles?

If you want to buy a labelling machine for bottles, feel free to contact our experts, tell us your needs and get detailed advice. In the upper part of this page you can see for yourself our labelling machines for bottles in use and also get detailed information about all offered solutions in the beverage industry.

We also offer a range of other labelling solutions for use in diverse industries.

Labelling machines for small wineries or breweries

With regard to the requirements of small wineries and breweries, we have developed semi-automatic labelling machines for bottles that can apply up to two labels to cylindrical containers.

Labelling machines for medium-sized wineries and breweries

Cooperative wineries and medium-sized breweries depend on professional and at the same time economical solutions for labelling bottles. Our fully automatic labellers such as the wetLAN 110 in the low to medium output segment reliably support the labelling of beer, wine or sparkling wine bottles with up to 7,000 containers per hour.

Our labelling solutions for large wineries, breweries and retailers

For the application of a labelling machine for large wineries or breweries, high cycle rates are necessary. In addition to the high cycle rates, our models such as the wetLAN 110 (FVT18) with GLU|ECO® gluing meet all relevant requirements in terms of efficiency, operability and reliability.

You have questions or want to start an inquiry?

Then do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will look at your request and advise you gladly.

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