moduLAN 818

Perfect dialogue in the family council


A nightmare for entrepreneurs: A new labeller has just been bought and only shortly thereafter the capacity is not suitable anymore due to the increased demand. Then the question arised for Eugen Rehm Esslinger Fleischwaren GmbH & Co. KG located in Aichwald/Southwestern Germany whether a temporary solution would be enough or whether a definitive decision should be made. After having discussed the matter in detail they found a perfect answer: The medium-sized family-owned company chose us – a medium-sized family-owned company as well – as a partner in order to find a remarkable labelling solution.


In order to equip small cans with wraparound labels the company rich in tradition, which produces various convenience products for 75 years, bought from us recently a wet glue labeller. However, due to the enormous success, the labelling machine reached its limits after a short time. Consequently, a labeller with much more capacity was required. Our labelling experts analyzed the increased demand and recommended to change the system. These requirements could only be met by a hotmelt labeller. Furthermore this labeller was recommended as it applies the glue very economically and saves therefore costs. These arguments convinced the management. Production manager Marc Englisch and our advisor Andrea Nottbeck discussed the situation in detail in order to gather all available puzzle pieces. Finally they found a perfect solution: LANGGUTH took back the wet glue labeller and delivered the latest generation of rotary labellers. Since that time our new moduLAN 818 is labelling the cans in the family-owned company in Aichwald. The responsible managers are smiling gently today when they look back to the ”shocking“ situation of a machine with insufficient capacity.



The motto of Eugen Rehm Esslinger Fleischwaren GmbH & Co. KG is ” We are not a meat factory but a huge butcher shop“. The company is located approx. 20 kilometres from Stuttgart/Southwestern Germany. The family-owned company produces meat products, cold meat, tinned sausages, Swabian ravioli as well as specialities. The company was founded by Eugen and Maria Rehm more than 75 years ago.