selfLAN 520

The selfLAN 520 was designed for carton labeling. Two machine types are available: The first type labels erected cartons and the second one processes knocked down flat boxes. In both scenarios additional multiple labelling options can be added. Today the processing of cartons is hardly imaginable without additional coding technologies such as thermal transfer, inkjet, and laser printing. Consequently, these components have been integrated into the LANGGUTH selfLAN 520 labeller.


  • Depending on machine design front, back, around-the-corner, or multiple labels
  • High efficiency due to short changeover times, very good accessibility, simple operation
  • High repeatability of results
  • High-quality engineering


Technical data: (basic)

Basic frame: Welded, stainless steel square tube
Belt width: 400 mm or wider
Container: Erected cartons and knocked down cases
Container passage: Up to 600 mm
Label length: Min. 120 mm, max. 380 mm
Label height: Max. 320 mm


The labeler’s conveyor chain carries cartons through the inline labeller. At the infeed a metering device creates a repeatable gap between cartons and cases, initiating progressive labelling processes. As a metered case is released a photo eye activates the pressure sensitive label dispensing head. The label web indexes with each case until the label meets a peel plate where each label is separated from the backing paper and transferred to the case. The case enters a roll-on station or wiping section where labels are firmly affixed to the case.


– Marking devices such as thermal transfer, inkjet or laser printers
– Turning devices for filled cartons
– Various stamp applications
– Automatic destacking and positioning of cardboards or folding boxes