selfLAN 510


With cleaning and care brands such as Erdal, Frosch and tana, the company Werner & Mertz has been well established as a sustainable company on the European market for 150 years now. The principles of an environmentally responsible and sustainable way of doing business are part of the company’s tradition. For more than ten years Werner & Mertz has had an integrated environmental management system with the aim of saving raw materials, reducing the burden on the environment, optimising the use of resources and reducing costs.

We at LANGGUTH have been successfully designing, constructing and manufacturing labelling machines for Werner & Mertz for ten years now and are proud of the good and long-standing cooperation. As family-owned companies we are linked by the strong identification of our employees with the company as well as by the pursuit of sustainable management over generations.

This year it was again required to design a labeling machine, which not only meets the performance and precision requirements, but also enables the application of additional labels in one machine cycle. We have once again achieved this with an adhesive labeler from the selfLAN 510 series.

Four self-adhesive labelling stations (two on each side for the front and back label) ensure continuous labelling even during the change of the label rolls. This efficiency aspect can make a considerable contribution to cost savings, depending on the machine cycle and changeover time required, and also contributes to ease of operation.

Speaking of operating convenience: It goes without saying that the selfLAN can be easily adjusted to the container to be labelled via central adjustment. A swivelling 12″ operating panel and the design as a side dispenser ensure optimum ergonomics in order to enable a back-friendly roll change.

In addition to the four self-adhesive labelling stations for front and back labels, two further self-adhesive labelling stations are installed, which allow the application of additional labels such as promotional labels. Further features include a label presence check, a pneumatic ejector and the integration of remote access via VPN network. The integration into a modern packaging line is therefore guaranteed.