wetLAN 110


Leinos was one of the first companies which focused on „natural colour“ and which emphasizes on a natural style still today. As far as possible the colours from Leinos are produced of natural products and nature-identical substances and are therefore free from non-degradable pollutants.

The pharmacist and organic chemist Helge Ortwin Schumacher founded in Essen (Western Germany) the company Leinos Naturfarben in the year 1985. His motivation was to help people who became seriously ill due to the use of chemical-synthetic colours, varnishes and glazes. Taking the motto „purely natural or nature-identical“ as a basis he had the vision to make an innovative contribution for the development and production of natural colours that are toxicologically and ecologically safe.

Leinos Naturfarben deals with the development, production and sale of products which support the increasing health consciousness as well as health care. Within the last years Leinos was very successful and combined quality and ecology on the basis of natural raw materials. Toxic effects were reduced considerably and the company is therefore one of the market leaders in this field.

Also with regard to the labelling method the company emphasizes on an environmentally friendly production. At that time we from LANGGUTH came into play as our wet glue labellers fulfill highest requirements of energy efficiency. Consequently our wet glue labeller wetLAN 110 with FVT 20 magazine was purchased. It is well-known in the paint and varnish industry as it is possible to label with this machine nearly the whole product range of this branch.

Apart from low size part costs this machine is characterized by high availability due to the possibility of a continuous production process, fast set-up times as well as reliable labelling results.

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