hotLAN 310


Environmentally friendly production, best quality and guaranteed traceability. These are the guidelines of d’aucy. France’s largest canned vegetable brand is a cooperative of farmers. They are the owners of the brand and guarantee that everything is in their hands, from the seed to the final product. This successful concept has made d’aucy a role model in the agricultural and food sector. And has established the brand as a leader in Europe.

The cooperative was founded in 1965 in Brittany. Since 1969, the products have also been represented on the German market. d’aucy has committed itself in particular to two themes: Quality and traceability. Today, 9,000 farmers are working with a lot of passion and know-how to fulfil this claim. 1,500 of them have specialised entirely in providing the best vegetables for the wide range of canned vegetables.

Measures such as crop rotation, modern methods for less pesticides, biogas plants for vegetable waste and the operation of sewage treatment plants lead to sustainable production and thus contribute to the ecological balance.

This year we at LANGGUTH have been commissioned to manufacture the third labelling machine for d’aucy. Our hotmelt labelling machine hotLAN 310 is ideally designed to apply a wrap-around label to canned vegetables quickly and precisely. Using the glue-saving spin-spray method, speeds of up to 60,000 labels/hour can be achieved. The low glue consumption is complemented by short change-over times and ease of operation.

A closed glue circulation system also prevents contamination in the glue and guarantees an optimal glue application even at high speeds. Changeover to different container sizes and label formats can be carried out quickly and without tools. In addition, all components can be easily replaced during maintenance or repair work.