wetLAN 190

The semi-automatic labeler model machine wetLAN 190 applies wet glue labels to cylindrical containers – plastic, glass, cardboard. This bench top labeler can be used for front and back labelling as well as for wraparound labelling.


  • One patch and one wraparound label can be applied. Alternatively it is possible to apply one front and one back label at the same time if the design containing 2 label magazines is used.
  • Label magazines with horizontal label position
  • High efficiency due to short conversion times
  • Simple operation
  • Conversion to other sizes without tools
  • Minimal investment in size parts
  • Reasonable purchase price – economic in use
  • Compact design and low weight (easy transport)
  • Developed for the semi-automatic labelling of small batches

Technical data: (basic)

Dimensions: L 400 x W 400 x H 480 mm
Label magazine: Stationary
Container: Round containers
Container Ø: Min. 40 mm – max. 110 mm
Label length magazine 1: Min. 60 mm, max. 335 mm
Label height magazine 1: Min. 50 mm, max. 190 mm
Label length magazine 2: Min. 45 mm, max. 250 mm
Label height magazine 2: Min. 50 mm max. 190 mm
Load capacity: 1.000 labels
Speed: 25 containers / min.
Weight: 50 kgs


Round containers to be labelled are placed by hand into the wetLAN 190. A cycle switch activates the labellling process. Alternatively a pedal or a manual switch is available. During this procedure the labels positioned in the label magazines are inserted and guided to the rotating glue roller which applies very thin glue stripes to the label backside. A glued label transfers to the spinning container which rotates completely, thus affixing the label to the container.