selfLAN 510

Labeller model selfLAN 510 represents LANGGUTH’s most flexible inline pressure sensitive labeler. Individual plant requirements can be met by incorporating customized modules.

Consequently, selfLAN 510 series meets the labeller demand for nearly all round containers and many non-round shapes receiving a single or multiple labels. Automatic adjustments, nonstop operation, various marking technologies or code readers can be incorporated. The labeller contributes therefore to high uptime and efficiency of your production line. High-quality engineering, robustness as well as fast, repeatable changeovers highlight just some of the longterm benefits of this labeller.

selflan 510 Freisteller


  • Depending on machine design front, back, wraparound, or additional labels
  • High efficiency due to fast changeovers, very good accessibility, simple operation as well as high reproducibility of results
  • High quality engineering and components
  • Automatic adjustment can be included as options
  • Non-stop automatic roll-change with redundant label head
  • Dispenser speed of 200 labellings per minute possible
  • Container orientation within the machine
  • Marking devices can be integrated

Technical data: (basic)

Basic frame: Welded, stainless steel square tube
Machine dimensions:  W 2.400 x H 2.350 mm
Module lengths 2.000 mm and 1.000 mm
Container: Angular, oval and round containers
Container Ø: Min. 30 mm, max. 200 mm
Label height: Max. 320mm
Speed: Up to 12.000 labellings / h


The labeler’s conveyor chain carries containers through the inline labeller. At the infeed a metering device creates a repeatable gap between containers, initiating progressive labelling processes. As a metered container is released a photo eye activates the pressure sensitive label dispensing head. The label web indexes with each container until the label meets a peel plate where each label is separated from the backing paper and transferred to the container. The container enters a roll-on station where the label is firmly affixed to the container.