hotLAN 310

The machine model hotLAN 310 is the inline high-speed hotmelt cut and stack labeler from LANGGUTH. The labeler‘s glue-saving hotmelt technology delivers speeds up to 60.000 labels per hour; for all round containers receiving wraparound labels. Set-up times of 5-10 minutes as well as nonstop operation contribute to high uptime and efficiency for your production line – important economic considerations for companies working continuous multi shift operations at peak performance throughout the year. The integration of coding or other control devices and reject functions provide a high-quality labelling solution and an immediate checkpoint for quality control within the line.


  • Wraparound label
  • Linear labeller; minimal investment in size/change parts
  • Minimum glue consumption due to spray glue system
  • High efficiency owing to fast changeover and simple operation
  • Closed, non-recirculation glue system excludes glue contamination

Technical data: (basic)

Basic frame: Welded stainless steel square tube
Conveyor Plastic or steel chain
Speed: Variably adjustable, five available models. Speed reference based on 73mm diameter:
18.000/h, 24.000/h, 30.000/h, 45.000/h, 60.000/h
Infeed: Infeed by worm, adjustable speed
Machine length: Infeed and discharge length depending on speed levels
Up to 30.000/h: 935 mm at infeed, 750 mm at discharge ->
Total length 6.000 mm
45.000/h: 1.185 mm at infeed, 1.000 mm at discharge ->
Total length 6.500 mm
60.000/h: 1.435 mm at infeed, 1.250 mm at discharge ->
Total length 7.000 mm
Container Ø: Min. 66 mm, max. 165 mm
Label height: Standard Label magazines accommodate up to 120 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm up to
max. 235 mm
Label length: Min. 210 mm – max. 530 mm


At the labeler infeed a metering device creates a repeatable gap between containers, initiating progressive labelling processes. A metered container enters a belt station which carries the container – can, jar, bottle – throughout the labeler. Once in control of the carrier belts, the spinning container activates a photo eye timed to the release of pick up hot melt. Multiple glue modules spray glue dots onto the container just as the can contacts the leading edge of the label stack. The force of the glue adhesion pulls a single label from the magazine which wraps around the spinning can. As the trailing edge of the label pulls from the label stack an overlap bar extrudes hot melt onto the trailing edge. The carrier belts convey the spinning can into a brush section which tightens the label to the can.
LANGGUTH’s hot melt application system is characterized as a closed, non-contact design as the glue pot is sealed, not open to the environment. Plus there is no glue roller touching the container. The spray glue system conserves nearly 50% hot melt usage compared to a glue roller. Moreover the spray system runs cleaner and delivers superior results.

The label magazine is infinitely adjustable within the minimum/maximum size parameters. Label magazine changeover is positive and repeatable, and quickly performed. Labels are refilled at full production speed without machine stoppage.

The hotLAN 310 is a simple mechanical design, yet still a high efficiency flexible labeler. No other hot melt labeler matches the total of ownership advantages of the hotLAN 310. The purchase price is lower than a rotary hot melt labeler. Changeovers are fast, simple, and tool-less. Maintenance costs are low considering output of up 60.000 containers/h. Additonally the combination of flexiblitity, reliability, and cost of ownership make this labeler a favorite for contract packers and companies operating in remote parts of the world.

– Labelling of paint cans with handle eyelet
– Inspect/Reject and other control devices