Research / Development

By developing new and tailor-made machines LANGGUTH aids its customer in creating efficient process solutions not only in the field of labelling but also regarding machines for processes before and after labelling.

During the search for an optimum solution it is valid to say that success in research and development is depending on the quality of the engineers who have designed it and is reliant on their ambition and inventive talent. Due to this LANGGUTH lays great importance that their employees have an appropriate combination of passion and know-how. Highly qualified engineers investigate the customer’s requirement carefully and work so long on a solution until it has reached the highest satisfactory level.

The marketability is a decisive point for early recognition of trends, new customer demands and the ability to act faster than other companies. The close cooperation between customers, suppliers and in conjunction with Klaus Pekruhl’s membership on the board of directors from VDMA specialist department packing machines (German association of mechanical engineers and plant manufactures) results in the fact that LANGUTH’s development department is always up-to-date and one step ahead.